I love, absolutely adore fanfiction. I can lose myself in the lives and relationships of some of my favorite femslash couples. I have way too many OTPs to mention. I will say that it hurts my soul to see the women I read about not being paired together on their TV shows.

Xena and Gabrielle started it all for me. An innocent dream from my youth led me to search for Jo and Blair pairings. It was through them that I found or Passion and Perfection. Next thing I knew, it was off to the races. I found fanfiction, AO3, and realized livejournal was also a platform.

FanFiction Obessision
My wonderful girlfriend gave me a kindle fire for my birthday last summer. Unbeknownst to her, I became a junkie. Specifically, a junkie for fanfiction. I was able to see and feel characters from my favorite tv series become the people I felt they always were.

I can't get enough of Jo and Blair from the Facts of Life finally being together. I get to read about the further adventures of Nikki and Nora. The list goes on and on.....


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